About Us

The Tradwives Club launched in July 2021 with the aspiration of creating and cultivating a brand centered around counter-cultural values rooted in traditional Truths. With a fiery passion for faith, family, femininity, marriage, and gender roles we seek to build community for women who are equally passionate or are curious about our way of life. 

We believe that homes shape the culture. It’s where lessons are taught, babies are raised, and memories are made. But most importantly, it’s where values are instilled. 

We believe that strong marriages rooted in Faith, build stronger families. 

We believe that when women reject feminism and embrace femininity they get to experience life more fully and freely. 

We believe that gender roles are not restrictive, but are craftly designed by God for both men and women, that when embraced, experience the fullness of life and a deep satisfaction that cannot be matched by culture’s interpretation of gender. 

To sum it up, we strive to be God-fearing, happy homemakers.

Just because we don’t all wear long skirts, homeschool, or homestead, doesn’t negate our ability to promote the values that we hold dear. 

We like to keep it fun because the world is already too uptight as it is. Hence, the ‘sandwich maker’ jokes and sweatshirts. So smile, laugh, and get yourself one while you’re at it 😉